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Field Trips at Dockside Entertainment

Non-profit Organization Field Trip to Dockside Entertainment

$300/ an hour for full facility rental and facility closed to the public.

$200/ an hour for facility rental including bowling and simulator bays.

$150/an hour for facility rental with either bowling or simulator bays.

$100/an hour for facility rental not including bowling or simulator bays.

Field trip rules and regulations:

  • Field trip contact needs to be signed and pre-payment is required to hold any reservations.
  • Field trip rates are for non-profit organizations only such as schools.
  • Field trips can only be booked during weekday and daytime hours.
  • 30-day cancellation required for full refund, sooner than 30 days no refund will be given
  • Each field trip is for a minimum of two-hour time block.  The renter will have a 15-minute grace period to pick up and leave the facility to make sure set up can be complete for next event if one is scheduled.
  • Field trip time starts at the time of agreed rental if renter arrives late their time for their two-hour rental will not be extended and will end at agreed time.
  • 1 supervisor is required for every 20 field trip participants.
  • Each individual field trip guest does not need to be checked in to the facility, but field trip supervisors must check in for the group upon arrival.
  • The field trip supervisors are responsible for ensuring each facility guest entering the building follows the rules and participation guideline found on the Dockside Entertainment website at:
  • An additional cleaning fee of $100 may be charged if the facility is not cleaned or left in an unfavorable state.
  • The renter can bring outside food/drinks but all outside food and drink must remain in designated areas.

Download a copy of the fielt trip agreeement below.

Dockside Entertainment Field Trip Agreeemtn 2024.pdf
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