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Dockside Entertainment Bowling FAQs

What kind of bowling is at Dockside Entertainment 

Dockside Entertainment offers six bowling lanes using String Bowling.   Nylon strings attached to the pins' tops pull them up into a rack after a shot, then replace those the player missed. 

What is all included with a bowling reservation 

When you reserve a bowling lane at Dockside Entertainment you get the following:

  • The use of the lane for one hour per reservation time block
  • Shoes are included for up to six players
  • Bowling ball are available to use
  • Louge space to use during your bowling reservation
  • Scoring system to use during your bowling reservation
Can I reserve a bowling lane for a future date online? 

Yes!  You can search for bowling reservations for futures dates and times.

Navigation to the online reservation site, select your dates and or time, and click the search button to see all six lanes for the date and/or time you selected.

A screenshot of a facility search page for booking a bowling lane with reservation details and pricing.


I am trying to reserve a bowling lane online and I am getting an error message 

In order to reserve a bowling lane online you must either:

1. Be a member of Dockside Entertainment OR have a membership in your cart.

2. Purchase a family or individual day pass OR have one in your cart.

If you are getting this error you do not have one of the above.  Simply click cancel and put and purchase or put a membership or pass into your cart and go back to make your reservation.

NOTE:  If you add the membership or pass to your cart then reserve a bowling lane and try to remove the membership or pass from your cart the reservation will also be removed.

Screen displaying an alert for a failed reservation at Dockside Entertainment Center due to unmet membership requirements.


I am getting a facility is already reserved error when making a bowling reservation 

After you select your bowling reservation time you get a screen that asks you for Family Member Selection like the screen below:

A website screenshot showing a family member selection for a reservation, directing to choose only one member for booking.

If you select more than one family member in the screen the following error appears:

A screen showing a booking conflict for a bowling lane reservation at Dockside Entertainment Center.

 This is because the scheduling software thinks you are trying to make a reservation for each family member you selected.  The error is just a warning and you can click cancel and you will still be taken to the cart to proceed with check out.  Or you can cancel your reservation and start over and only select one family member in your account when making the reservation.

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